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Angelique - 22 - Brooklyn.

My interest consist of black things, gold accessories, big hair, brown people & lips.

All that shit only made me stronger. See, when somebody keeps fucking you over and they know exactly what to do to get under your skin; do not react the same way you would all those other times. Be smarter, be wiser. Take control of the situation. Do not do what they expect you to do. It took me sometime but I know now. It is all self-control and choosing your battles wisely. 

Whats that face you make when you over hear your mom on the phone lying?

Hold on to me Aries …
Im so in love with her & i havent even met her yet.

So, my bf says im too much of a girlfriend & not too much of a friend. Can someone pls explain to me what that means?

I feel completly lost. What do i do now… Where do I go… What do I say? Who do I trust now? I never been this scared in my life. This is first time where I was decieved and I just feel scared. I wasnt prepared for this. Truth is I know I cant stay right now. I definitly need time to give to myself and my unborn baby. I have to nurse us back to health with all this stress going on. But I am always afraid of what He might decide to do on our down time. I dont know why it still takes up my time. Like what he doing, where he at blah blah.. I wish so bad that I can wake up and not give 2 fucks about this trick. But for now it feels like ive been holding my breath for hrs. Ive cried all day. Im drained. Im tired. Weak and confused.