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Angelique - 21 - Brooklyn.

My interest consist of black things, gold accessories, big hair, brown people & lips.

My only desire is to be alone. What would make me happy is if I could not deal with anyone. Most of all I’m really starting to dislike my guy. I don’t know if its because I’m preggo but all of his traits that is not what I want is starting to show. I hate to admit this. I do, because we’re starting a family but I need to think long and hard about what I want my baby exposed to. I’m no angel but I know a little. I have faith, I know not to live too reckless. I’m a lady. I try my best to show what I’ve learned and help but I’m no ones parent. I don’t know whatelse to do. I just know I may have to swallow all this up, tough’n up and be prepared to raise my child on my own the way I see fit. Not saying he won’t be a hands-on dad which I’m sure he will be but I have to do this for him or her.

Quiet Storm will always be 1 or my favorite rap songs.

Mobb Deep


I done told this nigga (my bf) that my nipples are incredibly sensitive because of the pregnancy and still he continues to try to touch, nibble and pinch them on the low. You would think he got it the 1st time he got duffed in the face, right?


current mood: i want a nigga to push me up against the nearest wall and put his hands around my neck and do a coupla otha thangs. 

Naya Rivera and Big Sean the poor mans version of Kim and Kanye

I miss my sex drive so much. This pregnancy is not allowing me to enjoy sex &/or want sex and it sucks.